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Men’s Summer Fashion 2021

Men's Fashion This Summer

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." —Bill Cunningham

latest fashions for mens

Today We’re going to talk about Men’s Summer Fashion 2021.
Summer is almost there so finally, the wait is over and we are going to get into summer fashion.
Currently, we are going through a difficult time as we all know COVID-19 is bursting out and making people’s life miserable but I hope that you are safe and secure.
Usually, people make a lot of mistakes in their fashion so today I will help you to make this summer fashion of yours the best through to my tips, tricks, hack, and guides.
So let’s get into it…

What's Hot This Summer Fashion

  • If you look at you in this situation of coronavirus, we are not able to go out shopping and get new stuff.
  • Therefore we are going to combine clothes and form some new combination so that we can enhance our style in this Men’s Summer Fashion 2021.
  • One of the things to try and test is that trying out different combinations of your jeans, chinos, shirt, and T-shirts combined this will give you a very good idea of what suits you better.
  • After this, we are going to discuss some important points so don’t forget to check them out

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Men's Summer Fashion 2020

When Does Summer Fashion Season Start?

  • As of official Dates summer fashion starts from June till September but this year it started in mid-May.
  • In India people explore a lot of stuff during this summertime as a lot of teenagers get holidays during this time, but this year’s results are completely different but we are not going to go in the depth of that. Right now we will enhance and make ourselves look the best this summer and that’s what our target would be.

How to be the best in men's fashion this summer.

The most important part of this post is here now where I will help you guys to be the best version of your own.

Men's Summer Fashion 2020

Step 1- Grooming Yourself

Ohh are you guys confused after seeing this the first point don’t worry I’ll explain you
Grooming plays a vital role in your overall looks if you keep yourself maintained it could drastically change the perception people have on you.

  • You can keep your beard trim if you have a messy beard.
  • Keep your neck hair clean, use a razor for the extra hair growing on your neck.
  • If you have a good body don’t hide with a bush of hair you can trim down your chest and abdominal part hairs or else you can completely shave.
  • Try drinking as much as water you can because water is the most essential for in your overall body health or glow.
grooming beard cutting

Step 2- Step up the Game!!!

Now we are going to choose our clothes. As we all know we are bound to stay at home due to this pandemic. Therefore, we will try to combine are clothes which we already have. Take out all your shorts and all your t-shirts go in front of the mirror and try making some good combination as it is summer we will try to wear some breathable clothes such as cotton.
I have listed down some color matching which can help you in building your style in Men’s Summer Fashion 2021:

mens color combination

Step 3- Tan, Pimples & Dirt

So if you get a chance to go out after the pandemic most of the people will burst out like hell but you should keep some things in your mind.

  • Never ever go out in the direct sunlight without using a sunscreen(at least 25 to Max 40SPF).
  • Make sure to clean your face using a face wash at least twice a day ones in the morning and ones before going to bed.
  • Washing your face will help you from getting those irritating pimples, rashes etc
  • Use talcum powder/ baby powder in your private parts, chest, and in underarms. This will help in avoiding those itching acne or pimples.
  • Here our my best options to Try to make your skin Fresh and Healthy
Garnier Men Acno Fight Anti-Pimple Facewash

Mama Earth HydraGel Indian Sunscreen

Wild Stone Talcum Powder


Men's Summer Outfits and Apparels


  • Shorts are one of the coolest and funky wear for summers, It could be a great choice to wear them this summer fashion.
  • There are some basic rules that should be followed to enhance your shorts style.
  1. Your shorts size should be just a little bit above your knee level.
  2. If your shorts are long you can fold them and stitch them from inside
  3. 3/4 th are not a good choice for young and middle age man ,They suite more on aged persons.
  4. You can wear small length shorts only when they are in good fittings.
  5. Don’t buy a checked pattern shorts as they don’t look that great in summers.
  6. You can buy chino shorts as they are one of the best shorts to wear.
  7. If you want to try some objects printed shorts, you can go for it

Tip– Try using shorts mostly on beaches as they are the best place to wear.


  • In this season shirts and T-shirts which have some good pattern make you look stunning. As I have shown you in the above pictures you would have got a good idea of how they look. 
  • This is the best season to try out some of the most funky and trendy Shirts and T shirts.
  • Below Mentioned are some of my favorite T-shirts from online collection: 


  • During the summertime, you can try any type of jeans but mostly I will recommend wearing slim fit jeans as they look cooler sexy and manly too .
    Some of the examples of jeans are
  1. Simple regular jeans
  2. Skinny jeans
  3. Slim fit jeans
  4. Tapered jeans
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  • Chinos are one of the best wear for summer. If you don’t have anything else other than this you will still look the best.
  • You can wear Chino shorts for Chino pants both look fantastic.
  • You can try dark and light color Chinos according to your fit.
  • Some of the best colors Chinos are :
  1. Grey
  2. Light Blue
  3. Dark Blue
  4. Skinny Brown
  5. Dark Brown
  6. Maroon
  • If you think of altering chinos make sure they are breathable and stretchable.


  • In other countries, people don’t use flip flops that often but you can surely try flip flops at beaches or if you plan a trip over places like Goa.
  • I am not a big fan of flip flops as they seem to be very casual and not suitable for men but during summer the child within us is Reborn therefore we can try flip flops during summertime.
  • Try wearing fancy flip flops as they look more fun than plain flip flops.
  • You can surely try loafers or any casual shoes during this time.
  • A Very popular brand which I feel is the best for casual shoes is Vans.
  • Try avoiding sports shoes or formal shoes during summer fashion time
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  • Rather than wearing solid material bracelets you can try a good quality of leather bracelets.
  • Leather bracelets look cooler all season 24/7.
  • You can even try some Pearl made bracelets for hand band too.
  • During this trend fashion, most of the people look good with handmade bracelets.


  • As you all know it’s too hot during summer as the sun is shining bright in the sky all long therefore a sunglass is a must during this time.
  • It depends on where you are and what are you wearing according to that you can choose glasses for yourself
  • Example:- If you are dressed for a night party you can use some funky glasses to wear or maybe if you plan out a trip you can try over there too
    If you are going for a walk or shopping or even at a beach you can wear proper sunglasses at that time.

Do's & Don'ts in Men's Summer ​

  1. Use sunscreen every day even if you are not going out in contact with Sun.

  2. Wash your face with a face wash twice a day.

  3. Try wearing a little bit of loose clothes as it is hot outside so tight clothes should be uncomfortable and even create a mess.

  4. Use shorts when you go out

  5. Chinos could be a good choice during this time.

  6. Use talcum powder to avoid itchiness in your private parts and underarms.

  7. Use cologne or perfume after shower

  8. Use flip flops and Loafers more.

  1. Try avoiding fancy caps as they are used by most of the teenagers and doesn’t make you look like an Alpha male.

  2. Don’t wear formal clothes during this summertime.

  3. Never wipe your face with a dirty or sweaty towel for a handkerchief.

  4. Most importantly don’t go out till the lockdown is over.

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